Current Joys – The Series I

‘You found me,’ I tell him. ‘I’ve been lost but here I am, next to you and I don’t feel empty anymore. You found the me I haven’t seen in a very long time. The me who laughs at your jokes and looks at you with eyes filled with innocence. The me who gets excited about every little thing and wears summer dresses. The me who is soft and sweet. The me who is calm and patient. The me who makes you smile in your gloomy days. The me who is never tired of love. The me who never breaks her promises. You found me.’

But of course, I don’t tell him that the sad angry girl still lives inside me chained to my heart with a piece of paper and a pen.

Do you blame me for keeping it a secret though?

Because he is kind. He is warm. His words calm me down and breathe life into me. His hug feels like heaven. The way he holds me takes me to places. Places like Maui where it will only be just us. Flora Cash’s indies dance through the trees, and we can freely burn for each other.

He found me, my goofy soulmate who makes the best coffee.

I see love written on his face and I promise myself I will hold onto the me he found. I’ll chase away the old me, have her chained. Even if that means stabbing my head constantly with a pen so that the ink-stained bleeding girl stays behind bars, bars of words. For the me he found is who I cherish and he is worth every minute.

He found me, my ever new delight, my addiction.

I kiss his lips as I tell him, ‘You found me.’

My heart, however, knows he would soon lose me. The odds are in her favor, the sad angry girl will win.

Until then, he found me, my midnight sun, my guardian angel.

‘You found me.’