Current Joys – The Series III


My love,

This is a love letter from me, your future ex.

If we’re being honest, no one can love as much as we do. The way we love and love and love can be enough for the whole world. When we are together, all the stars align and it’s like all John Green’s books come alive. You and I can stay up all night in silence and we would still have the time of our lives.

If we’re being honest, I think we are soulmates.

If we’re being honest, our connection makes me wonder if we have shared a previous life. Because, how is it possible for two people to love each other so much? How do you know exactly when to say the words that bring peace to my soul? How is it that every time I close my eyes I see nothing but you? How is it that I hate losing but not to you? How can it be that I lose to you over and over again, yet I always win?

If we’re being honest, you are my one true love.

If we’re being honest, and if I had a God I believed in, I would tell you that he made you just for me. You know all my secrets, the good, the bad, the hurt, the wins and losses and you still love me as I am. You know I cry in my sleep, and how to slowly wake me up. You know I touch my neck when I’m uncomfortable and you grab my hand to take me away from humans and their never-ending mess. You know I love love but hate love stories and you never judge me for it. You know the little things like how tea makes me sleepy, and the big things like how I once tried to jump off a cliff.

If we’re being honest, we are the forever type.


If we’re being honest, I’m not. I am not a forever type, nor will I stay. But I promise you, as long as I am here, I’ll cherish you as you deserve and make sure our passion ignites a flame that will light up your future. I promise to love you like you’ve never been loved before. I promise to be present today so that you will have enough memories for your tomorrow.

If we’re being honest, I would find you in another lifetime. But not in this one, because my love, I need to find myself before finding you.