Be patient with me.

Be patient with how obsessed I am with that forever type of love. Because soon, I will learn to love you less.
I promise I will learn to stop smiling for you when you don’t deserve it. Soon, I will allow you to extinguish my hope with your pessimisim. My passion will wind down and I will stop having butterflies when you call me ‘የኔ ቆንጆ’. I will begin to count your mistakes and hold grudges against you.
Be patient with me, I will soon learn to love you less.
Because soon, I will stop making sure if you’ve had your morning coffee and if you’ve enjoyed it. I will stop asking you about your day or if that annoying boss of yours made you upset. Soon, I will stop caring if your favorite shirt is clean or if your lucky socks are in the drawer. I will not listen to your complains about your family anymore, and your problems will no longer be mine.
But my love, be patient with me.
Wait for me because soon I will stop holding your hands wherever we go, and I won’t kiss you good morning and night. I will start watching our favorite TV series without you, and I will share our secret songs with strangers. I will not wait for you for dinner, and I will fall asleep before you come home. I will not stay up waiting anymore. I will even stop saying “እኔን” when you get sick.
Be patient with me. I promise I will get there.
I will stop checking my phone every second to see if you’ve texted, in fact I will not pick up when you call. I will stop imagining how good you’d look in a suit and if you’d be able to learn to dance for our wedding. Maybe, I will even start to imagine life without you and talk to other men. Those men will probably be worse than you but I will learn to like them as they are.
But, you need to be patient for a little while longer.
Because soon, I will be so cold hearted, you will begin to love me more. I will be so careless, you will care for me like you never did before. I will break promises everyday, you will have no choice but to keep your own.
Be patient with me, I will love you less, and you will love me more.