Wounded Little Bird

Wounded little bird
What has you so undone?
The picture that you painted
has become so muddled
Ahhh… but dear one
Isn’t that what you wanted?
To break your heart
so that you can feel?
To feel the consequences
of your mistakes
and broken promises?
To feel the pain of losing
hoping you will learn to value what you have?
To cry a river of tears
wishing the next time you smile it means something?
Isn’t that what you wanted?
For him to break you
so that you never forget him?
For you to love him a bit too much
hoping you’d keep him?
Did you though?
Did he stay?
Did you learn to appreciate what you have?
Does your smile have meaning now?
Or have you forgotten how to?
Did he love you like you wanted to?
Did he at least hate you?
Were you lucky enough to trigger some emotion out of him?
Or was he indifferent about you like a random meal he has?
A meal he has only because it was served for him?
Oh wounded little bird!
How sad I feel for you!
For not knowing how to protect your heart
For loving him enough to hurt you!
For playing with fire!
My love, you should have known!
Playing with fire
always leaves you falling hard
with scorched wingtips
grounding you
nursing your broken
until you take flight again!
By flight I mean love
which I am only telling
because I know you still haven’t learned!
Wounded little bird wounded little bird
What has you so undone?