For as long as she can remember

For as long as she can remember
Its been winter
No sun no summertime to treasure
And every time that she thought she was going to surrender
It got better
She’d just go holding on till forever
Broken lover? Yes, she made you
Believes that she would be the one to heal you
And if you go now out that doorway
she won’t say you’re wrong
Or try to stop you
But know that she’ll miss you…

For as long as she can remember
She wanted better
No home no one there to protect her, all alone
And so she told you with her eyes you were her center
Nothing could tempt her, you still roamed
Just like her father left her, you left her
And maybe you were right at one point someday
She used to watch you treat life like heaven’s way
She used to write with tears on your face
Sign language on your back from the first date

So, when you find another girl
Whispering in your ears, you will think of her
You wish she would have treated you like you treated her
With all of this drama gone, still be together

So, when you wake up from your dreams to the hallway
Sleepwalking through the streets dressed in all gray
Blinking streetlamps in the window pane
You will know…. One day
She’s been worried from the second that she learned your name
She still repeats the memories you made together on the first day
She’s in and out of love with you again
She was just trying to find her way
But for as long as she can remember
You let her go too soon, way too soon